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Rent a Car for a Ball

A ball is a onetime event and you need to make it the glamorous and perfect event ever.
Here on Valet we offer you the amazing vehicles ever.

Most of our vehicles are an abroad import so you can’t find them in another company
We offer you our vehicles with a privet driver that will pick you up from your house and drive you till the red carpet just like in Hollywood.

The driver will wear a tuxedo and will assist you on any request.

A ball is an occasion you can’t get to with something that is less then prefect. From the dress to the make-up on so on till the luxury vehicles you could pick from an enormous catalog.

We promise you an unforgettable experience with photographs that will stay with you till the rest of your life.

Allow yourself to live the dream for once in your life! And arrive to the bale with a Porsche or a Mercedes or anything else you can imagine.

Here on Valet we offer you cool hoarding cars from the 60-70 that will make everyone to stop and stare.

So think carefully before you order a limousine like everyone else, be special be the one that everyone will talk about be a star

  • New magnificent luxury vehicles
  • Rare hoarding cars
  • A privet driver for the whole night
  • Cold champagne (above 18 years of age)
  • A total insurance
  • Perfect ball